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  • WeTV App for Android TV

    WeTV App for Android TV

    The WeTV app is a popular platform used to stream original, popular Asian and local dramas and shows in addition to other content. Many platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, and streaming media players like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, support the app. This unique app was designed by Future Today in the year…

  • American cookbook

    American cookbook

    Are you someone who loves trying new recipes and experimenting with different cuisines? If so, you might want to check out an American cookbook. No need to use your phone display to cook anymore. Now you can use your kitchen TV. American cookbook recipes app support all Android TV boxes and Fire TV devices. When…

  • MetaX Play – Movies for Android TV

    MetaX Play – Movies for Android TV

    When it comes to selecting a move that would satisfy personal needs, especially in relation to entertainment it is quite evident that, people are choosy. A main factor for this is, because today’s world offers loads of channels and ways and means on entertainment.  This leaves most people wondering how to get about in settling…