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Mobile9 android market place

Mobile9 is a master collection of the Android apps, ringtones, HD wallpapers, mobile themes and games. It can be used not only for smart phones but also tablets too. It is the greatest app to get thousands of free downloads to personalize. By using this app can make our Android device unique for us.

Mobile9 app has an important features than other apps. It is 7MB app, due to that it takes very small space from the device. So it can be tightly packed in a small space in device. And also the app is absolutely free and can get downloaded by just a click. This app specially designed only for the Android devices like smart phones and tablets. Mobile9 app has so many number of categories to browse, filter and sort.

Mobile9 Search

Using this app you can download Apps, games, wallpapers, books, ringtones, watchface, videos, music and themes. Under each and every category has sub-categories. As an example, there are five sub-categories under book category such as, Ebooks, Kindle, Quotes, Recipes and Audio books. There are so many books available under each category and those books can be downloaded free by using this mobile9 app.

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Free Live And HD Wallpapers

HD wallpapers and also live wallpapers can be taken through this app. Under wallpaper category there are so many types of wallpapers, like nature HD wallpapers, beautiful river wallpapers, hot HD wallpapers, games HD wallpapers and animal HD wallpapers etc. Through this app can download any high quality wallpaper without payments. That mean totally all of them are free.

Free thousands of Ringtones

When consider about the ringtones category, it also has sub-categories; as ringtones and notification sounds. Under ringtones; hot ringtones, rock and pop ringtones, theme music ringtones, Bollywood ringtones etc. like ringtones can be downloaded. Hot notification sounds and miscellaneous notification sounds are the two types of notification sounds that can be downloaded.

Designed for All

According to the above facts, this app can be used for any type of person. Because it has included so many categories and sub-categories by considering human expectations and perception. So that app can be used anyone with their perception, without any doubt.

When considering about the feedback of the users, most of them are young generation. Most of young boys are willing to use this app for the gaming purposes. It allows to download games freely through this app. And also some of users are use this app as an ebook downloader. They said that this app was a good ebook downloader before and they had always downloaded there and searched for ebooks to read. By using this app, some users have gathered and update their knowledge. This utterance may prove that, “I learned a lot from reading books I downloaded from Mobile9 app. You served so many people with this app and I truly appreciate that.”


As all know everything has the negative side also. This Mobile9 app also has some kind of bad features too. To get the premium membership of this app, users have to pay for that. Some of them have complaint that when they paid for the premium membership, they cannot use that features which are available for the premium members. That is the only one complaint that can be found when go through the feedbacks which are sending by their users.

However using free version will give you all the feature you want.

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