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Labalabi APK for WhatsApp

Name:Labalabi For WhatsApp
Size:3.66 MB
Last Updated:September 01, 2019
Requiements:Android 4.0.3 and up

Labalabi APK – Best Text Repeater for WhatsApp

Using this app you can send multiple message continuously without any hassle. For example if you want to say “I Love You” 200 times no need to re type or copy paste same text 200 times. Use labalabi for whatsapp and send same message multiple times you want. Support from 10 times to 300 times.

If you want to annoy some one by sending multiple message without typing it multiple times then this app is for you. You can send large number of messages easily using this app. It is completely free. This app contain Ads. So every time Advertisement appear make sure to press back button of your device to get rid of that app. There is no close button for Ads. Best and easy way to get rid of that is by using the back button. Below describe how to install and use this app with pictures. Have fun.

How to install Labalabi WhatsApp on Android

Installation of this app is completely free. You may not find this app on Play Store. There are lots of similar apps like this. But you know this is the only app that has highest ratings and works on all most all Android devices without any hassle.

Step 01: First Download this APK. Click here to download. Once download complete install it.

Step 02: Open downloaded App you just installed. You will see something like below.

labalabi go to accessibility settings

Step 03: Click on  “Go to —> Accessibility Settings” button. It will take you to WhatsApp accessibility settings. Then click “Labalabi For WhatsApp

enable labalabi for whatsapp

Step 03: Just click and enable it as show on below picture.

enable labalabi feature

Step 04: Once you click to activate that feature it will ask for some permission. Without those permissions this app will not work. So click “OK” to grant those permissions.

labalabi permissions for whatsapp

Step 05: Then go ahead and open the App. Once app is open it will display popup message like below. Click “OK” grant Overlay Permission.

require overlay permissions
permit over drawing other apps labalabi
labalabi home screen for whatsapp

Send Repeated Messages with WhatsApp Easily - Android.

Step 06: Now open WhatsApp and select contact to start conversation. There you can see Labalabi App Icon.

labalabi click to start application

Step 07: Now type your message and select the amount you want to repeat that message.

sending multiple same message labalabi using whatsapp
selecting the amount needed to send

Have fun……

labalabi annoying message send

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