ExaGear Strategies – Play Windows Games on Android

Exagear Strategies is one of the best Windows game emulator out there for Android. You can play your childhood favorite games on your Android phone. No internet connection required. If you have the game or owned the game just transfer files to Android phone. Play those games as much as you want offline.

Best retro games emulator you can have for Android. There are some games which are optimized to work with Android. They are:
– Disciples 2
– Panzer General 2
– Heros of Might and Magic 3
– Civilization

This emulator is completely free to use. Since no games are included with this app you have to buy those games or licences to play.

Disadvantages or cons about ExaGear Strategies

You can’t play modern high graphic intensive games on Android. Instead you can play old classic games easily using this app. You can play rts, strategy games on your Android phone offline. No streaming required. In order to play those windows games you have have to copy game files to Android phone. You have to buy those games to play on Android. Games are not included with Exagear Strategies.

Best ExaGear Strategies Alternative

All you know there are lots of downside of this emulator. One of the best and evolving Windows Game emulator for Android is Happy Chick. No need to transfer game files from your computer. No need to buy those old retro games. All games are comes with Happy chick emulator. You can play those games for free using that emulator. Best alternative to ExaGear Stratagies is Happy Chick.