DISRN – Brief, Smart and Faithful News on Android

George Bernard Shaw once said,

‘Beware of false knowledge; It is more dangerous than ignorance’.

This quote speaks volumes on the topic of news. News, in short for ‘Notable Events, Weather and Sports’ is one of the most important sources of knowledge a person can collect. It is extremely beneficial to keep oneself updated with events and current affairs happening around them and across the globe. Events and situations that affect communities, geographical areas and the entire globe as a whole must be informed to all people in order to keep them updated and well informed of ongoing situations and also events that can be expected in future so necessary actions and preparations can be done in order to avoid adverse affects taking place.

Android studio has got you covered with their fantastic app that provides latest news items on one platform, Disrn! It provides you a range of exciting features and options that will optimise your news feed and keep you updated on what is happening around the globe. Unbiased news is also one extremely important factor. Many people have experienced  biased and false information being delivered by corrupted news channels for many different benefits or hidden agendas. With Disrn app you do not need to worry about how genuine the news is as they are dedicated to providing the latest news with utmost integrity and honesty. It instantly informs users of breaking news notifications that helps users stay updated. Also, this is extremely helpful in our day to day life as we may find ourselves in situations we could have avoided with the help of some news. For example, if you were to be somewhere at a specific time but you get notified about some regretful event that has taken place in that specific location, you have the ability to avoid your trip to that location. You can easily cancel your plans and secure yourself as you were well informed prior.

Another added advantage of this app is that unlike newspapers or news on television that does not provide you the flexibility of choosing only the news you would like to hear or see, Disrn allows you to customise your preferences in order to choose which news articles to share with you that you may be interested in. This saves up so much of ones valuable time amidst their hectic and busy lifestyle. You can also bookmark the articles you are interested in so that you can always go back to it whenever you wish to. If you are looking for a source of news that is unbiased, professional, faithful, and reliable, I can assure you that Disrn is what you need to get your hands on!


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