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Size:9.3 MB
Requiements:Android 5 and up
Category:News and Magazines

Disrn pronounced as discern is news and an opinion website or an App that is offered by Adam Ford, founder of the Babylon Bee and Seth Dillon, current owner of the Satire Site’s. It was developed recently in 2019 and was updated on 31st March, 2020.

I am a seeker of news all over the world especially during this crisis time of the globe. I tried several news Apps until I found this above mentioned App “Disrn”. I found it as really a great App when considered with all other Apps that I have used. The App summarizes all the lengthy news and only the most important or the key facts of the news are provided for the App users. They deal with all the horrible news all over the world and summarizes up to about 300 wards before delivered to us. We’ll be able to go through the news very quickly and it provides opportunity for us to move with our other day today activities. The App is of size 9.35 M B with the version 1.3. Earlier this App was found only in iOS but now for your pleasure it is present in Androids also. So hurry and download the App and experience the news in a better way.

DSRN Android

The developers of this app got a motto. “Brief, Smart, Faithful”.

  • As I mentioned earlier also this App will only provide the news in brief. Only the most significant facts and information are emphasized here.
  • And of course the news providing are Smart. They are very clear and neat. The Disrn crew undergo many difficulties facing the excited news and transform them in to very clear, intelligent news by removing all unnecessary growths of the news.
  • Most of the news provided by many Medias are of course not trustworthy. We have to double check about there truth. But the news provided by the App Disrn are more trustworthy. They provide the news as it is without adding any wings to the news. So the news provided by the App can be considered as faithful.

From the feed backs for the App we can understand that though it is only lesser time has gone after introducing the App is becoming very popular among the news lovers all over the world and of course it owns quite a good rating. The App is constantly improving and it’s a user-friendly App. We’ll wait and see about the upcoming updates of the App and I am sure that the App will be able to touch the hearts of many people.

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