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Ratings: 3.5/5
Name:CCleaner APK
Size:18.1 MB
Last Updated:April 2, 2020
Requiements:Android 4.4 and up

How old is your Computer or your android? When the time runs the computer and your android also gets slower and slower. The storage also gets filled and filled with the time. Therefore if you want to perform your device well the thing you have to do is downloading an App that will help with this process. There are so many cleaner Apps developed by various companies. But I can introduce the CCleaner apk as a better App amongst those numerous Apps that will help to achieve your target. It was developed by piriform in 2004 and when it comes to today it has updated in several versions. You may like to know that this App was updated 9 times during the past 6 months. I think it is also a best evidence that you can consider when choosing this App for your device.

Versions of the CCleaner APK

This App CCleaner is an App that is very easy to use. It has natural layout and it is easy to use by any user.

This App has mainly two versions. One is a free version and other is a paid version.

  • CCleaner free: is the standard version and it will help you keep your device running smoothly by allowing opportunity to free up the space and more importantly it will help to browse safely by protecting your privacy.
  • CCleaner Professional: is the paid version of the App. this version is a best version that will help support you to maintain your device run faster, safely and  also cleanly. This offers much of the benefits than the free version of course. This enable to clean the device completely and also it will updated frequently for a better performance.

So according to your preference you can select from these two versions. There are many more benefits that link with these two versions and you may be able to relish each and every benefit if you download this App in your device. The device can be windows, MAC, Android and or even an iOS.

Features of the CCleaner APK

  • * Cleaning: cache, junk files, download folders, clipboard content, browser history, cookies and invalid registry entries
  • * Freeing up space: RAM cleaner
  • * Enable safe browsing
  • * Booster
  • * Emptying recycle bin
  • * Notices and remove internet hunters
  • * Hibernate unwanted background running processes

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