Zap Surveys Earn money

ZAp Surveys – Earn Free Money from Android phone

At the end of the day, all of us work extremely hard in order to pay off our bills, afford good living, and live a good life. But what if I tell you there is a way you can hustle on the side apart from what you normally do? Who does not like an extra flow of cash their way right? Zap survey is an extremely exciting app that allows you to take part in surveys and pay you for …

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DISRN – Brief, Smart and Faithful News on Android

George Bernard Shaw once said, ‘Beware of false knowledge; It is more dangerous than ignorance’. This quote speaks volumes on the topic of news. News, in short for ‘Notable Events, Weather and Sports’ is one of the most important sources of knowledge a person can collect. It is extremely beneficial to keep oneself updated with events and current affairs happening around them and across the globe. Events and situations that affect communities, geographical areas and the entire globe as a …

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CCleaner APK

CCleaner Apk com.piriform.ccleaner Get official version Now Ratings:  3.5/5 Name: CCleaner APK Version: v4.20.4 Size: 18.1 MB Last Updated: April 2, 2020 Requiements: Android 4.4 and up Package: com.piriform.ccleaner Category: Tool How old is your Computer or your android? When the time runs the computer and your android also gets slower and slower. The storage also gets filled and filled with the time. Therefore if you want to perform your device well the thing you have to do is …

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